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As a Singer: Rangadevi Dasi has had a life-long love of music and singing. From 1995-2004 Rangadevi lived and served at the New Goloka Krishna Temple in Hillsborough, NC, where several hours of kirtan and meditation are part of the daily routine. She founded the Samadhi Kirtan Band in 2009, thus bringing sacred chanting to dozens of venues all over the Southeast. After a surgery in December of 2013, where Rangadevi faced the threat of facial paralysis, she rediscovered just how healing the practice of kirtan is. She began developing and leading workshops on Healing with Sacred Sound (Raising Your Vibrational Power Through Voice). In February 2014 she completed Dave Stringer’s Kirtan Flight School in Denver. Propelled by the momentum of the Flight School, Rangadevi recorded and produced her first CD, Kalpa-Vriksa in June of this year.

As a Storyteller: Rangadevi joined the New Goloka Krishna Temple as a full-time member of the ashram in 1995. Spending the next nine years in full-time study and seva, she gained a deep love for the stories of the Vedas. A natural story-teller and writer, Rangadevi was fascinated by the powerfully intricate histories of the Puranas, and the Srimad-Bhagavatam in particular. She developed the Gods and Goddesses workshops in 2014 in order to enhance participants’ experience of kirtan by emphasizing the conversational nature of kirtan - conversations with the Divine. She is also the founding member of Samadhi Kirtan Band, which has been bringing kirtan to the Southeast since 2009. She rounds out her life by running her business, Govinda’s Catering, specializing in gluten-free, dairy-free meals, and by caring for her 8-year old son.

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