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Track List:

1. Om Namo Bhagavate (feat. Steve Cole)     6:24
2. Sri Damodarastaka 6:05
3. Sita Rama Jaya Sita Ram (feat. Steve Cole) 6:41
4. Bhagavan Krishner Pada 7:52
5. Hara Krishna Hare Krishna (feat. Steve Cole) 9:04
6. Sri Narasimha Pranama (feat. Steve Cole) 7:29    

~~ Album Notes ~~

Rangadevi Dasi was trained in the Bhakti Tradition in an ashram in North Carolina, USA. With her quick ear and life-long aptitude for singing, she soon learned many of the kirtans (chants) and bhajans (devotional hymns) that were part of daily life at the ashram. During those years of ashram life, she would regularly go out into the community with a little harmonium (portable organ) and a few friends and perform kirtan. In 2005 when she saw well-know kirtan artist, Dave Stringer, perform at a local yoga studio, she knew that is where her future in kirtan lay. The perfect blend of traditional chants and instruments like harmonium and mridanga, along with guitar, bass, and soulful, rocking arrangements, opened up a new world of possibilities.

Rangadevi and her band, Samadhi, have been fixtures in the NC Kirtan scene for several years now. This is Rangadevi's first solo offering, featuring band mate Steve Cole on guitar and vocals.

The simple arrangements are at once soothing and soulful, enticing the listener into relaxed, meditative states of bliss.

~~ Reviews ~~


Diana M Needham

Amazingly beautiful and uplifting collection of mantras

Having heard Rangadevi sing in person a few times (and being blessed to have her in my life as both a friend and inspiration on this path we are all traveling), I looked forward to the release of her first CD. It is an amazingly and uplifting collection of mantras that calm, uplift, and inspire. The lovely beauty of her soul and devotion is fully expressed here and is a treasured addition to my collection of music that speaks to the heart and spirit.

Leslie Flowers
Everyday Faith

As I listen to this cd over and over again, I realize that I am calmer and happier. Whether I know the words or not, I find myself singing with Rangadevi ... and singing even when the music isn't playing! It's magical, comes from the heart, and is my #1 cd of choice while working.

Prafulla Devi
Bhajan Supreme

This beautiful, transcendent album brings me joy daily. Rangadevi is an artist with prolific talent and I know that we will hear a lot more from her in the future.

Cheryl Elia
My New Favorite CD! :-D

I have had the pleasure of hearing Rangadevi sing, in person, on many occasions, so I was expecting to like her CD. As it turns out, I LOVE it! :-) I have ejected the favorite CD that has been living in my car CD player for months, and have replaced it with "Kalpa Vriksha"!

Rangadevi's voice is so moving and beautiful. This CD gives me instant goosebumps on my arms while I drive along, and listening peacefully at home is even more blissful. Be advised, this CD can cause urges to breath deeply, smile, and relax. ;-)

Everyone can love this CD - fans of contemporary Kirtan as well as fans of mellow, relaxing music with strong vocals. Even for folks who aren't familiar with the lyrics, it's easy to just appreciate this as wonderful music in a foreign language - which is sometimes nice, since you get to hear a beautiful voice, and your brain doesn't have to concern itself with the meaning of the words.

Nancy Cole
Beautiful CD that will open your heart!

Kalpa-Vriksha is a lovely collection of beautifully arranged Sanskrit mantras that will leave you feeling a strong connection to the Divine. Rangadevi's vocals are beautiful, pure and sweet. The qualities of devotion, humility and longing come through her voice so clearly in every piece. This CD will open your heart as you listen to a devotee lovingly chant to her Beloved. Rangadevi is an inspiration and we are blessed that she is sharing her amazing voice and devotional practice with us.

Jon Seskevich
Yum Yum

Only thing better is to see and hear Rangadevi live!

Lisa Carl
The Most Beautiful Voice and Kirtan

Wonderful to sing along all of these songs. I bought this cd soon after it's release and continue to play it constantly! It brings me joy, heart, peace and love. If you have the opportunity to hear Ronadevi live you will be blessed.

Peggy Stella
Music for the Soul

Incredibly beautiful, captivating and pure... from the first track to the last, you feel her music to the depths of your soul.




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