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Musical Vacation

After a very, very (did I say VERY) exciting and busy weekend, I was planning to sleep in. As Providence would have it, I was awakened at 4 am by someone in my household. They were engaged in heartfelt (yet loud) prayer, so no complaints there. After the initial shock of not being asleep anymore, I remembered that it was Sunday morning and it was newsletter time. So then I was actually grateful that I had been woken up early. I made a point to tell almost everyone in person that I would not be cooking this week, and yet I wanted to send out a quick reminder.

Is it that I am taking off for a week's vacation to relax here?




Well no actually, I will be spending the week here at the Rubber Room Studio in Chapel Hill with my dearest friends and musical family, the Samadhi Kirtan Band. This morning when I was looking for this photo on the studio's website, I learned that the current studio was built in 1998 by Jerry Brown, the owner. The studio has recorded many a well-known artist, including the legendary Doc Watson of Bluegrass fame. Jerry is himself a musician, and thus he designed it by using the Golden Rule - "Design unto others what you would have designed unto you." The studio features clear glass isolation booths that surround a central room. The benefit of this setup is that you can get 4 or 5 musicians, who can see each other to all play and sing at the same time, thus capturing that live performance kind of feel. Well for a band of 7 who specialize in live-performance call and response kirtan chants, those are very good logistics.

For those of you who are into sending prayers, good energy, healing thoughts, and/or Celestial Light, we will gladly accept all of the above. If you so desire to send us some of your uplifting mojo by all means please do so. Feel free to pray intend that all of us in the band taps into their highest self, that we can be instruments for Divine Light and Love, and that our recording engineer, Jerry himself, will be guided by his intuition to make us sound slightly better than we really are. ;-) Couldn't help but ask for that last one...

Do not fear, Govinda's will be back in force with another delicious menu again next week. Expect to see the menu newsletter in your inbox by Monday morning on the 13th. Have a fantastic week, y'all!

We look forward to serving you!

Tastefully yours,

Rangadevi Hernandez

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