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My Maiden Market Voyage

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Family, Customers and Casual Supporters, I am very very grateful and excited to announce that after nearly a year of working on it, Govinda's Catering will be finally appearing as a guest vendor at...

(photo Carrboro Farmers' Market)

The Carrboro Farmers' Market!!! The Carrboro Market is the Hubba Hubba of all the local Farmers' Markets. I guess that is because it is one of the oldest and most well-attended of the area markets. Last year my good friend Yugala moved out of state. Her company, Yugala's Baked Goods, was a long-standing favorite at the Market. Realizing that the market-goers would now be deprived vegan and gluten-free treats, I decided to apply for a spot. After a several-month long approval process, I was approved as a guest vendor (which was great, as I was unsure of committing every Saturday of my life to a Farmers' Market). The next six months were taken up with applying for a small business grant from Orange County, the application to use PFAP, the commercial kitchen in Hillsborough, and the thumbs up of approval from the Department of Agriculture. And so at last, we will be able to be out and about in the greater community with once a month visits to the Farmers' Market. I am looking for the last week of the month, so mark your calendars please! For September and October, we will be going on the last Wednesday of the month. Then during the winter season, I am aiming to be there the last Saturday of each month. Now that we have celebrated wildly, I do need to address a few logistics. The Wednesday market runs from 3 - 6 pm. Part of the market rules (& I guess they get to do this because they are so shi-shi) is that the business owner (as opposed to an employee) must be present at all times. That means that I also cannot be personally present at Triangle Yoga this week from 5-6 pm. It is of course possible to send a lovely assistant to Triangle to meet those of you who cannot make it down to the market. When placing your order, please let me know if you can come to the market or if you will need to pick up at Triangle. That way I can coordinate with my staff of lovely assistants. ;-) If you are not a regular orderer, but are in the neighborhood, please stop by. I would love to see you on my maiden voyage to the Market!

(photo Carrboro Farmers' Market)

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