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Being Blessedly Busy


Triangle VegFest! Have you all heard about it?

Vegan festivals are an idea whose time, I believe, has finally come, and it is starting to catch on in a big way. Two weeks from now, on October 14th & 15th Raleigh will celebrate its third annual VegFest. I saw the event come up last year when the organizers asked my band, Samadhi, to play there. Unfortunately we were already booked for another event that day. Oh yes, and I had catered an alumni lunch that same day, so naturally participating last year was out of the question. This year, now that we have our big girl business owner pants on, it just made sense that Govinda's Catering should be a vendor there. What?! I can't believe we are going to do such a big event. Pinch. Just pinching myself to remind myself that it is true. Check us out on the vendor page! Our name and brand new logo are there along with loads of other seriously cool vegan-friendly businesses. I am also breathing deeply and slowly so that I don't get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work facing me in the next two weeks. (The big Excelerate Experience that I told you all about a couple of weeks ago will be the day before, on the 14th!!) Plus, now it seems that it is Divinely desired that I should attend the historic Chant for Change event in Washington, DC next Saturday. If you are a fan of kirtan or devotional music in general, this is an event not to be missed.

Headliners range from Radhanatha Swami, author of the amazing Journey Home book, to MC Yogi, to Jai Uttal, to Kirtan Rabbi, to Sweet Honey on the Rock, all of whom will be leading the crowd in heartfelt prayer and petition for a better tomorrow for our country (held on the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial the day before the next set of presidential debates... you get the idea.) Let me know if you think you might also want to go. Apparently, I am working on coordinating a group to go up there.


What does this mean for all of you? Well I hope you will check out one or both events. Also between preparing for and attending these two events (and a few more), I decided to take off next week from cooking our regular meals. So you may want to order extra this week to tide you over, and then rest assured that we will be back in action for the week of 10/17. If you can, please come check out our table at VegFest, where we will be featuring our most popular desserts.

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