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A Positive Sign

Look for this sign at the Carrboro Farmers' Market this Wednesday evening from 3-6 pm. This is the sign we unfurled for the first time last Saturday at the Triangle VegFest. It was gifted to me by my friends, Apurva and Kamalini Darling, the owners of the former Govinda's Restaurant in Greensboro. It is so satisfying to me that even though their restaurant is no longer open (and what a shame because it was sooo good!), their sign can still be admired and used. Thanks to that big, beautiful sign, we spoke with several people, who came over to our booth at VegFest, and who had been former customers of the Greensboro restaurant. These folks were also happy to know that the tradition of creating and serving healthy, delicious, vegetarian food was still going on through our little endeavor.

In fact, the VegFest was a big boost to my confidence, reassuring me that we have a really high-quality product line that is very well appreciated by almost everyone. Yesterday I brought a couple of items from last week's menu to a good friend's wedding. My friend thoughtfully warned me that there would be no vegan-friendly food there to speak of and that I should bring enough for the few vegans who would be present. Naturally, I brought plenty extra so there would be samples to share. Now this wedding was Fayetteville, where veganism has not, shall we say, exactly become a hot concept yet. I was introduced to one of the attendants as the "woman who makes vegan food that is so good you wouldn't know that it's vegan." Fair enough intro for a crowd of under-exposed palates. Lol!

I am thrilled to say that last night everyone who tasted the fried rice, the Love Your Body Bites, and the Chocolate Tofu Creme Pie loved them. Now I feel confident that Govinda's Catering really can be appreciated by vegans and omnivores alike. So please do tell any and all of your friends who live close by to stop by the Farmers' Market on Wednesday night and pay us a visit. There will be samples for all!

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