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Thanksgiving by Govinda's

Good morning! I really enjoy looking back at past newsletters and remembering where I was in my life and the world at that point in time. Several of these recipes are repeats from the first week in September. When I went back to look at that newsletter, I had to smile at the trepidation I was feeling regarding the onset of autumn. Fortunately for my freezeaphobia, it has been one of the area's warmest falls on record in a while, and I have frequently had the pleasure of admiring the fall foliage on the trees, all from the comfort of a 65-degree afternoon.


In addition to the gorgeous canopy of colorful fall leaves, another thing to love about fall is the harvest. Oh! the produce! The weather is cool enough to grow many greens, and yet since we still haven't had a hard frost, crops like squash, tomatoes, and peppers are still producing on some of the farms. And then, there are the pumpkins... Just type the word "pumpkin" into your search engine and you will see how many pages upon pages of people have discovered that pumpkins are for so much more than just carving. The blogosphere is alive with the talk of pumpkins! Some of you may be wondering when we will be getting back to making our Curried Pumpkin Soup and Mini Vegan Cheesecakes again. Rest assured, we will, and I plan to stock up on pumpkins from Walker Farm before the season ends. Since pumpkins keep so well, when stored in cool, dark places, pumpkin-flavored culinary magic can last well into the early part of winter.

Get this, though! When you scroll down to the menu, you will see a brand-new pumpkin dessert. I'm not telling what it is ... you will have to wait until you get there to see what it is. In the meantime I would like to talk about something very, very important - Thanksgiving Dinner, that wonderful foodie holiday that could be met with a mixture of anticipation and horror, depending on how much you like to cook (and how dysfunctional your family might be - check out this hilarious video for a laugh about Thanksgiving dinner). If you have any horror mixed in with the anticipation around Thanksgiving, I can totally help you with your dinner (but not your family)! In the past few years, we have not cooked a regular menu during the holiday week, but have offered to make a few special items which you can pick up to augment your family dinner. There are so very many wonderful recipes to pick from that I have not designed a holiday menu. I think it would be best for me to get an rsvp from those of you who plan to order something the week of 11/21. Then once I know which of you would like to order, we can design a menu accordingly. I will say that in the past we have spiced up our customers' Thanksgivings with Chocolate Tofu Creme Pies, Mexican Black Bean Soup, Green Bean Casserole, 3 Sisters Stew, and Cranberry Relish. The possibilities are endless...

Here are some important dates to mark on your calendars:

Saturday, November 12th - my band Samadhi plays at Oasis Cafe in Carrboro. 8 - 10 pm.

Week of 11/21 - 11/25 - Govinda's Catering takes special orders only

Saturday 11/26 - Govinda's Catering will be back at the Carrboro Farmers' Market. 9 am - 12 pm.

Saturday, December 3 - Vegan Potluck and Kirtan with Samadhi at Triangle Yoga, Chapel Hill. 6:30 - 9 pm.

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