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Post-Election Connection

So much has happened this week, eh? (How many of you looked at the Canadian immigration website? Come on, be honest...) Without getting into gory details, let me just say that I felt my share of shock, denial, despair, confusion, fear over the future, etc. All of these feelings served as a great impetus to ask questions, read more, talk to people, to reach out and see how they were feeling, to comfort, in short, to connect. Regardless of the impetus, the result of connecting more deeply with those around me has been quite beautiful. This week has also provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. Govinda's doesn't just make food; we feed people. Every aspect of this business is meant to nourish the people who come in contact with it. We work hard to choose recipes that are fun, exciting, and healthy. I spend way, WAY more time than necessary on this newsletter simply because it is so important to me that the content serve as food for thought. Writing also nourishes me emotionally and spiritually, which in turn benefits all those I come in contact with - the more self-satisfied I am, the more I can be present for others, without being preoccupied with how to use them to fulfill my needs. I process my experience in the world through writing, and if there is anything in my writing that inspires, motivates, educates, or lifts someone up in any way, then that is a double blessing to me. Just for clarification's sake, I did not premeditate that last paragraph, carefully crafting my mission statement in the middle of the night, just waiting for the right moment to declare it to the world. I didn't even exactly know that I felt that way until I started writing it. I have long straddled a divide within myself, feeling that running Govinda's is what I do for money, but singing (kirtan) is what I do for my heart. The truth is that Govinda's supports itself, but doesn't actually even pay me a salary yet. Therefore I must be doing this because it is also part of my heart and my life's passion - creating a better world through better food. What do you know? I think I just came up with our tagline! So thank you, political atmosphere, for providing me with an impetus to examine why I remain in this country and do what I do. A few words about the upcoming schedule, please mark these dates down, if they pertain to you. 11/21 - 11/25 - No regular menu. Pre-orders (meaning placed this week) only. Menu: 3-Sisters Stew, Green Bean Casserole, Mustard Roasted Potatoes, Cranberry Relish, Banana Creme Pie (this does not keep for a whole week, fyi), Chocolate Tofu Creme Pie, Maple Pie, and Maple Cookies 11/26/16 - Carrboro Farmers' Market. Menu: Banana Creme Pie, Chocolate Tofu Creme Pie, Maple Pie, Maple Cookies, Curry Tamari Roasted Nuts, Kofta, Hot Lemongrass Tea

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