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Exercising My Gratitude Muscle

What a weekend this has been! It started out with the Govinda's Catering birthday party on Friday. Between the water crisis in Chapel Hill and some roaming viruses, several folks who planned on coming, were unable to. Nonetheless, we had an absolutely lovely time, and I deeply thank all of you who were with us, both physically and in spirit. If you were not able to come, don't worry, we will save a place for you at next year's party! :-)

Then of course there was the water crisis. What an interesting experience that was to help us appreciate water, one of the most basic elements of life. I am so grateful that all is back to "normal" for now, and in the meantime, I feel a new sense of appreciation everytime my OCD self goes to give my hands a quick rinse. Since it is extra late and this needs to go out hours ago, I will leave you all with just one last thought about gratitude. Have a beautiful day, everyone!

#birthday #water #gratitude

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