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Coming To A Coffeehouse Near You

As Winter seems to be finally bowing out and allowing Spring to come forth, folks are celebrating by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Just drive by any of the local health food stores, parks, or coffee houses and you will see shiny, happy people making the most of the sunny weekend. I count myself lucky that I happened to be one of those shiny, happy people yesterday over at the Honeysuckle Tea House in the idyllic Chapel Hill back country. The Tea House re-opened their doors last Thursday after the winter hibernation, and much of the Triangle came out to support and celebrate. So many people came that (and I kid you not) the line to place an order stretched all the way to the back of the parking lot!! I have never seen a line there so long that it stretched out the front doors, what to speak of going all the way down the entrance ramp and across the parking lot. I admired the tenacity of folks who were willing to wait an hour in line to order tea and drinks. I don't have the patience for all that, so I just found a seat inside and waited for a lull so I could quickly pay at the register. Despite the hectic setting, I was able to actually speak to the new manager about placing some of Govinda's products in their fancy new beverage/food coolers. He was quite interested and asked me to send him (after this weekend of course) an email with our wholesale menu. This gentleman is the third coffeeshop manager I have spoken with recently. All three of them have been interested in carrying locally-made, vegan, gluten-free dishes in their establishments. They are just waiting for me to send them some information... So I realize that I have reached critical mass, and I need to draw this information up immediately, and then, and then... all of you, and even your friends who are not on this email, could enjoy Govinda's Catering while at a favorite coffeshop! Coffeshops are generally lacking in vegan, GF food options, and I think here at Govinda's we are getting ready to feel like we can fix that. I just have to narrow down our list of products, so people are not wading through a practically limitless catalog of our 50 creative menus per year. I have picked out those recipes that are both best-sellers and sturdy enough to last a week in display cooler without starting to sag. Please, please take a couple minutes to look over this list and give me your feedback. I would love to know your two favorites from each category, as well as any personal favorites you have that might not be on the list. Entrees: Kofta Jackfruit Lanka Green Split Pea with Spinach and Coconut Milk Green Split Pea with Carrots Mexican Black Bean Soup Vegan Brunswick Stew Vegan Cauliflower Mac n' Cheese Grains: Asian Black Rice Salad Dirty Rice with Collards Lemon Basmati Rice Tamarind Quinoa Fried Rice Desserts: Maple Pie Chocolate Tofu Creme Pie Banana Creme Pie Almond Cookies Cinnamon Chickpea Blondies Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies Chocolate Lava Cakes

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