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Growing Govinda's

What do the Honeysuckle Tea House and Johnny's (Gone Fishing) have in common? Quite a bit, really. I just noticed by looking at these photos that they are both blue, for one thing. They are also both coffee/tea houses with a country store kind of feel.

(photo honeysuckleteahouse)

They both offer live music and are serious community hangouts - as in good-luck-finding-parking-during-prime-time kind of serious. On Saturday I also approached both of these establishments

with samples and our long-awaited (at least by me) wholesale menu. Now if my experience of running a small business indicates anything, the managers that I talked with are busy people, really busy people. Thus commences the nail biting - "They said they were interested; what if they changed their minds?" "What if they lose the menu I gave them?" "What if they forget?" And so on... At any rate, it only took me four months to get the wholesale menu to the manager of Johnny's; I suppose a little patience should be expected in return on my part. While we wait though, I thought I would ask you all for two favors. One is that if you happen to go to either of these locations, perhaps you might (photo johnnysgonefishing)

consider innocently asking them when they are going to start carrying vegan food made by Govinda's Catering? The second is that now that I have finally developed the wholesale menu, I am kind of eager to get it out there. Do you all have other favorite coffee shops that sell food and might be interested in what we offer? Send me your hip joint suggestions (if you know the manager's name, all the better), and I will reach out to them. I would say that for right this moment we are going to stick to places in Durham and Orange County (sorry, my beloved Raleigh friends), at least until we get the hang of this order fulfillment/delivery situation. Thanks so much to all of you who read this newsletter and support us with your good wishes and orders! We really look forward to growing in partnership with your favorite hangout spots.

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