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To Market, To Market

I want to make sure and get this newsletter out to you all before the last minutes of before-work time pass, so I will be unusually brief. Mark your calendars! Govinda's Catering will be at the Carrboro Farmers' Market this Saturday, May 20th. We will be offering:

9-Vegetable Soup

Yellow Coconut Rice

Citrus Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup Medu Vada

Banh Cam Fried Vietnamese Sesame Sweets Chinese Almond Cookies

Old-fashioned Ginger Cookies Mint Chocolate Tart

And last but not least, y'all's favorite,

Canadian Maple Pie!!

Special thanks are due to Chris Exton, my mentor from the Chapel Hill branch of SCORE. If you work for yourself and you don't know about SCORE, run, don't walk, over to their website and plug in to their amazing FREE resources. SCORE's acronym stands for the Service Corp of Retired Executives. They are a non-profit that provides FREE (did I mention that already?) resources, workshops, and one on one mentoring to small business owners. That's what's up! I met with Chris last week and bemoaned my challenge with having so many frozen/refrigerated items at the market that could neither be displayed nor sampled easily. He brilliantly suggested that I go European/Asian and just post signs with pictures of everything that I need to keep in the cooler. Hope to see you Saturday!

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