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Saturday Surprise and Success

Saturday we had what was by far our most successful excursion to the Carrboro Farmers' Market. The market manager was out of town, leaving her lovely assistant, Alex, in charge. Surprise to me, I was to be in the outfield (literally), although I expected to be under the pavilion and was completely unprepared for outdoor vending (meaning no tent). No worries, Alex to the rescue! The Market has a spare tent, which he so kindly fetched and set up for me. He even brought me an extension cord so that I could run my rice cookers and heat up samples (essential for an optimum market experience). Thanks again, Alex! And thanks to all of you who signed up on Saturday and are joining us for the first time. Here is how this works: every Monday I send out this newsletter with a little (ahem) philosophical/personal reflection at the top and a menu down below. There are item descriptions, prices and instructions for ordering. All the menu items and descriptions are also copied onto our Facebook page, in case you want to check info there or share it with your friends. I hope you enjoy your time with us! I wanted to let you all know about some upcoming events. In our sleepy little town (except at rush hour) of Hillsborough, there is an even more quiet and serene place called New Goloka. There are just a few Krishna temples in the state of North Carolina, and New Goloka is one of them. Beginning this week Krishna devotees from all over North America and beyond will be coming to this area in preparation for Sadhu Sanga, a 3-day kirtan (devotional music) festival that is held each year at the Art of Living Center in Boone. It is likely that as many as 2500 people will attend the festival over the weekend. For those of us staying behind, there will still be plenty of inspiration to be found! Several of the Sadhu Sanga guests of honor will be in the area, speaking and leading kirtan. If you are interested in the ancient art and science of bhakti yoga, I encourage you to try and make this program in particular:

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