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August On the Horizon

Even if you are one of those "Let me skip this long-winded blog and just read the menu" kind of person (no hurt feelings, just acknowledging that this happens), please do read this section today, as it contains important information about our schedule for the month of August. A couple of weeks ago, Helene, the organizer for the Triangle VegFest, asked me if I would be interested in being a vendor for the National Animal Rights Conference in Alexandria, VA. Hmm... being a vendor at a three-day conference, where the majority of the participants will be highly unlikely to become regular customers? I was not so sure about that. Then I talked to the Vendor Coordinator, who lives all the way out in Portland, and she convinced me by explaining that the conference attendees are not just people with a mild to moderate interest in exploring a vegan diet. This is like the Yoga Teacher Training Conference for Animal Rights Activists. Most of the attendees are heads of their own non-profits or organizations, movers and shakers in the world of veganism and animal rights, who are seriously committed to promoting veganism and have wide circles of influence. Oh yeah, and we will be launching the new Govinda's Catering website soon, with online ordering capability for some of our friendlier-to-mail desserts (Wowee! More on that shortly). So even though the prospect of trying something new and uncharted like this has me biting my nails with anxiety, I really felt like it would be smart to be there. What exactly does that have to do with the schedule? Okay, getting to the point and factual about this now - we will need to take next Tuesday and Wednesday to prep for the event, so there will be no regular meal and delivery. The following Tuesday Radha and I will likely be dead from working the event for 4 days straight, and thus there will be no meal then. The Tuesday after that is the highest of holy days for Krishna devotees - Krishna's birthday or Janmastami. Those of you who have been with us for a year or more probably remember my write-ups about the gigantic festival hosted each year by the Krishna temple in little old Hillsborough, NC. Being as this is a holiday for me and all of the Govinda's team, we won't be cooking that day either. We will however, have a food booth at the Hillsborough festival where we will be selling Elotes, Veggie Rice Cutlets, Vadas, and more. I will send out details about the Janmastami event (on Aug. 15th) as the time gets closer. In bullet points here is the schedule: 7/24 - Weekly meal pick-up and delivery as usual 7/31 - No regular service this week 8/7 - No regular service this week 8/14 - No regular service this week 8/15 - Come to Krishna's birthday party and buy street-food from us 8/19 - Govinda's is at the Carrboro Farmers' Market 8/21 - Regular weekly meal service resumes 8/27 - Govinda's is at the annual Triangle VegFest event in Durham 8/28 - TBD is there will be regular service Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end! Hang in there with us. I do anticipate a much more demure schedule, come September.

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