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Govinda's Goes on the Road

Good morning! I don't know about you all, but I really, and I mean, really have missed you all. It has been a very busy several weeks so far. The National Animal Rights Conference in Alexandria, VA was an amazing event. I worked harder than I thought was possible, had a huge boost to my confidence due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to our food, and met many, many beautiful new friends. I definitely needed last week to recover from my adventures though. There is nothing like going to a major city to increase your cortisol levels and make you long for the country bumpkin pace of life (if you hail from a small town, like I do)... We are testing out a couple of changes. In an attempt to streamline the menu viewing/ordering process, the menu will immediately follow these next sentences, and then my longer "blog" piece will be underneath that. ***Also please note that this is not a full menu.*** We are cooking a few items for tomorrow's festival in Hillsborough, yet since we have been away from our weekly meal service for so long, I am also making the menu available to you all for ordering. I realize we are getting a late start, so orders are due by Tuesday at 3 pm to ensure fulfillment.

So what is this event tomorrow that I keep referring to? Tomorrow in Hillsborough from 5 pm until midnight-ish the Krishna Temple on Dimmocks Mill Road will be celebrating Janmastami or Lord Krishna's "birthday." This is by far the largest celebration of the year for Hare Krishna and Hindu communities all over the world. If you like cultural experiences, bright shiny lights and colorful music, then this party is for you! In recent years we have received several thousand visitors over the course of the night (so do factor in plenty of time for parking). My band Samadhi will be playing on the main stage around 9 pm, if that is any more incentive to come out on a potentially rainy Tuesday evening. ;-) To read more about the celebration of Janmastami click here.

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Where else to find us this month? Saturday, August 19 - Carrboro Farmers' Market 7 am - noon Cont: Monday, August 21 - In spite of the eclipse, we will indeed be getting ready for a weekly meal session. Stay tuned for the menu. Sunday, August 27 - The Annual Veg Fest at the Armory in Durham, 11am - 5 pm. We will be offering high-end smoothies, desserts, and a variety of fried savories like veggie cutlets, South Indian vada, and Cauliflower Manchurian (oh yeah!) Monday August 28 - If the Force be with me, as I hope she'll be, we will show up this day with our weekly meal menu. Send me your good vibes to aid in making this one happen...

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