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Savoring the Fruits of Late Summer

We are on Facebook! Each week's menu, along with the original recipe links, is posted up on the Govinda's Catering Facebook page. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover one day that Govinda's Catering is very Google searchable - meaning that if you search for "Govinda's Catering jackfruit," our Facebook post for an entree with jackfruit in it will come up in the first several search results. In a world where there are literally dozens of Govinda's restaurants and catering services (largely Hare Krishna related), this top-ranking not only makes it easy for you all to find us, it is a seriously big deal. Great News! The Govinda's Catering website is nearly complete. It is not quite ready for preview yet, but should be fully functional, complete with ordering capacity, next month. I can tell you though that it is a beautiful website, painstakingly crafted by Angela Kennedy out of Raleigh. I will let you all know as soon as it is up and running. Here is the flier for Sunday's Triangle VegFest. Details below.

It's getting late, so just a few more words about where we are going to be in the next month: Saturday, August 26 - My band, Samadhi, will be playing at the Oasis Cafe in Carr Mill Mall from 7:30 - 9 pm. The Oasis exactly lives up to its name. It is a beautiful little sanctuary located in Carrboro's Carr Mill Mall. Cozy (and I do mean cozy) and artfully decorated, the Cafe is a fabulous place to enjoy good tea, good food, good company, and on the weekends good music. Do get there early, as there is very limited seating. No charge, however, donations are cheerfully accepted. Your donations to the band are what fund our recording and cd projects. And just in case you were interested, the final mix of last month's live recording has been finished. We are waiting on some photos and artwork to begin the cover design. Then we will produce a few hard copy cds (limited edition!), along with an unlimited supply of digital albums. Ooh ahh! Sunday, August 27 - Drum roll, please! That time has now arrived for The Annual Triangle Veg Fest! It will be held at the Armory in Durham, 11am - 5 pm. We will be one of 75 vendors (all vegan, can you imagine?!) Look for our booth somewhere on the periphery where we will be blending up high-end smoothies, frying ah-mazing savories like Cauliflower Manchurian, and showcasing some of our favorite desserts. Monday August 28 - If for some reason you can't make the VegFest, we will be back in force this week with our Asian menu, including Cauliflower Manchurian (so you don't have to miss out). Stay tuned for the full menu.

I promised myself that I would take on no extra large events in September, as August was more than full with 3 of them, plus a Farmers' Market. We will be sticking to our regular weekly meal schedule and plan to be at the Carrboro Farmers' Market on September 30th. September is also the deadline for completing the Govinda's Catering website, and Samadhi's Live Recording at Oasis. Plus there will be a kirtan at Triangle Yoga in Chapel Hill on either the first or second Saturday of the month (TBD) and another appearance at the Oasis on Saturday, September 23rd. I guess that makes Samadhi an (unofficial) participant in the Carrboro Music Festival after all. ;-)

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