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A Flurry of Festivity

(photo Triangle VegFest 2017!)

I consider myself an extrovert, an extrovert who generally loves excitement, events, and finding herself in the center of things. Let me tell you, when this crowd of 1500+ people all filed through the aisles of vendors at the Durham Armory, each one of them picking samples off our table before being swept away by the wave of people behind them, even I was overwhelmed (a total "you're not in Kansas anymore" moment). I was thrilled for Helene Ann and the other organizers of the Triangle VegFest, and yet, I was totally unprepared for the throng people lined up around the block to get into the area's premier vegan expo. Wow. We ultimately had a great day, but it definitely took several hours for the crowd to thin and for me to get my bearings in the sea of super amazing, professional, organizations and companies surrounding me. I wish that I could have walked around a bit more so that I could report to you on all the wonderful folks and products that were represented. It was truly stunning though to see the number of conscious businesses out there, and the volume of locals enthusiastic to support us. Thanks so much to all of you! I guess you will just have to make sure to come out next year to see for yourselves. :-) The smaller monthly markets will resume October 22nd on the Southern Village green in Chapel Hill. I will be brief since we are already considerably behind this morning. Actually, it's a miracle that I don't feel more exhausted. You all must have been praying for my stamina so the weekly meals could go on uninterrupted. Lol and thank you!

#TriangleVegFest2017 #DurhamArmory #SouthernVillage

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