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Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! I can't help but remember Garfield whenever anyone celebrates the beginning of a new week.


The hate face is not exactly relevant to me, as I work, in some capacity, every day of the week. Also since I am self-employed, there is no one to blame for my schedule except myself. That is why I will be taking next week off! My sweetheart has several days off in a row next week, and I promised myself and my son that I would take time off as well. Here is our schedule for the rest of the month and what it means to you all: September 11th - Cooking as usual. You might want to order extra to tide you over through next week. In addition to this week's menu, we also have a variety of frozen entrees and desserts available for purchase. Details available upon request. September 18th - off September 23rd - For those of you who are interested in keeping up with my musical persona, my band, Samadhi, will be returning to the very hip Oasis at Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro. The kirtan runs from 7:30 - 9 pm. Come earlier to enjoy the tea, snacks, and relaxing atmosphere that the place has to offer. September 25th - Cooking as usual. I suspect we will have a return of the "Southern Favorites" menu. It feels like it is about time for that menu. September 30th - Govinda's Farmers' Market. Look for us there bright and early with a selection of our baked goods, freezer pies, and frozen entrees.

In addition to being Monday, today is also September 11th, a day that for many of us is etched in our memories as a day that our world view came crashing down, along with the Twin Towers. It seems incomplete not to reflect on the past and ironic to think that on the 16th anniversary of this devastating event, the nation is again glued to the news live feeds, wondering will Florida still be standing when the sun rises? I have family, including my 90+ year old grandmother, in Florida. Naturally, I wonder how they are faring, wondering how the floods and power outages will affect them, wishing uselessly that they had evacuated. It does seem odd doesn't it that the country should experience two "storms of the century" kind of hurricanes back to back, and that the second one should fall on the anniversary of such a sober day? I was curious what the news had to say about this juxtaposition and found CNN reporting that 9/11 is the National Day of Service and Remembrance. They have posted links for both those wishing to render volunteer service and those wanting to make a charitable donation as a means to commemorate those who died on 9/11. Just as every light has its corresponding shadow, every disaster has its corresponding lesson or gift. Attacks from outside, like the terrorist attacks of 16 years ago, strengthen our identity as a singular people and singular nation (siblings who hate each other, stand united against the next-door bully). Natural disasters like hurricanes, teach us that it is people, not things that matter most. When one's home and car are washed away, most people still feel overwhelming gratitude for the loved ones that remain. Storms of this magnitude literally rip down the barriers that separate one neighbor from another, forcing entire communities into crowded shelters. Suddenly neighbors who might go years without saying "hello" to each other under status quo circumstances, might now find each other on neighboring cots, with nothing left to obstruct their shared humanity.

Last year on this day Samadhi played for the first (and only time to date) at the Honeysuckle Tea House in Chapel Hill. Although I celebrated on that day the exciting opportunity to share our healing music with the community, I was also struggling with the realization that I have had ADHD all my life and didn't know it. I was experiencing a mini version of the twin towers, seeing my world view and perception of my life irreperably cracked, soon to come crashing down. Again this year, on this particular day, I find myself faced with making a decision that requires the surrender of what I want, if it is contrary to the greater good. It is a rather small issue, yet represents the quintessential test of human life, which is "to let go and let God" do what He sees fit. Fall is coming. The winds of change are blowing (for those in the Southeast, literally). Thus the time is ripe, the door is wide open for us all to clear dust and debris from hearts, that we may see ourselves and our neighbors more cleanly.

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