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Give the Gift of Govinda's

Good morning! It has been an exciting "week off" that included visiting with family, an invaluable meeting with my mentor from SCORE, and preparing for Sunday's Holiday VegFest at the Durham Armory. My sweetheart teased me that he thought such a partial vacation (aka "working" vacation) was the right kind of vacation for me, since I apparently can't handle larger doses of relaxation than that. I had to laugh. A lot. As usual, he was completely right. I hope you took more advantage of an opportunity to relax and be with family and loved ones than I might have. Still, it feels wonderful to be back in full service to you all. I am very excited to offer our much beloved (and long overdue) Asian menu. But before you order, check this out - Govinda's is now offering gift cards!

(available right here)

Several of you have told me that you have recommended our food to friends or family members who seemed interested, who love healthy food but don't have time to cook, who are looking to transition to a vegan diet, who love Indian food, etc. Yet most of those people don't actually contact me in order to bridge the gap between hearing about our food and actually tasting it. Give these folk the gift of convenience to help them take that first step towards tastiness. You can click the links below or buy cards directly from the Govinda's website. Another fun thing that we are doing for the holiday season is taking pre-orders for (drum roll, please) : Empty white boxes!! No, just joking obviously. We are taking pre-orders for gift boxes like these, which will be filled with delicious gluten-free cookies. We are planning to fill said cute white boxes with Chocolate Ploughed Field cookies, Sugar Cookies, Candy Cane cookies, and Gingerbread people. A box of a dozen cookies will be $18, but now through Monday, we are offering a special early-bird price of only $12! *Pickup of the boxes will be Wednesday, 12/20 and Saturday 12/23 at the Carrboro Farmers' Market.

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