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Sita Ram

     Sita Rama Jaya Sita Rama
     Sita Rama Jaya Sita Rama



Long ago, in a distant time, shrouded in the mists of antiquity, there lived a prince known as Rama. he was the eldest son of the emperor Dasaratha. Rama was endowed with a beauty, strength, wisdom and virtue, such as the world had never seen before. All who saw Him immediately became captivated, feeling as if they were witnessing God himself moving about on the Earth.


When He was just a youth, Rama was taken by the great mystic, Visvamrita, on a pilgrimage. In their travels they visited the kingdom of Mithila. The citizens of Mithila stared in wonder at this extraordinary youth. As if with one mind, the people of Mithila thought that this visiting prince would be a perfect match for Sita, the daughter of Janaka, King of Mithila. The young princess was as beautiful as the Goddess of frotune. Her eyes were wide and innocent like that of a forest deer. Her every limb appeared to be the perfection of feminie creation. Her kind and tender heart was even more beautiful than her flawless body. The princess was treasured, not only by her family, but by all of Mithila. Thus when they saw Rama, who was just like a tiger among men, the citizens longed to witness the a union between these two youths, whose beauty and glories knew no bounds. The Ramayana tells the tale of this immortal love between Sita and Rama. 

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